Save The Date – Sen. Pete Harckham, Judges, the RHA

• Hear from Senator Pete Harckhamabout the right-wing backlash against the Reproductive Health Act & what we can do about it.• Learn why electing pro-choice judges matters; And • Watch performance-artist Donna Barkman. JOIN US Sunday, October 20, 2019384 Blinn Road, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 105202:00 – 4:00 PMBuy Your Ticket Here. Can’t attend? Make a Donation! ALL  … Read more

Pro-Choice Endorsements in the 6 Contested County Legislator Races!

EndorsementsCounty Legislator Races There are six contested races. Two of them are open seats, with no incumbent running for re-election. Four of the six are considered “must win” seats. In addition, staunchly pro-choice candidates Covill and Maher are running for re-election for the first time and, therefore, are more vulnerable. Targeted Races Kitley Covill (CLD  … Read more

2019 Local Elections: The 2020 Precursor

In New York, the 2019 elections will be all about abortion — the issue that anti-choice extremists are hoping will turn out their voters, particularly in this odd-year local election, when no higher offices are on the ballot. They are targeting Town and County offices that they hope will enable them to set the table  … Read more

Sunday, October 20th – Save the date!

Join us from 2 pm to 4 pm in Croton on Hudson, NY To Get Out the Pro-Choice Vote here in Westchester, WCLA PAC needs to put the BRIGHT YELLOW ProChoice Voting Guide into 70,000 voters’ mailboxes all over the County – and that costs $25,000. This event will help! ~We Invite You To Meet  … Read more

The Story of Pirro & Why Choice Matters’ Questionnaire Matters

Did you know that Jeanine Pirro – presently the Fox News commentator, Trumper & star of Justice with Judge Jeanine- was endorsed by ALL the national and NY statewide pro-choice advocacy groups which helped her win 3 terms as Westchester County District Attorney??? And did you know it was WCLA – Choice Matters’ REQUIREMENT that ALL candidates – incumbents  … Read more

Early Voting – New York State 2019

In January 2019 , New York state lawmakers approved reforms  intended to make it easier to vote, including giving voters 10 days of early access to the ballot box prior to Election Day. The November 2019 elections will be the first to offer early voting in New York State. Early Voting Begins on Saturday, October 26,  … Read more

You need to hear this

What You Need to Know: 1. Alabama didn’t just happen, and it wasn’t just because of “25 white men.” Those are soundbites. The Governor of Alabama who signed this horrific bill into law is a woman, and there are women in the Alabama Assembly who voted for this – As there are in the other states who  … Read more

FOF in Times Square

May 4th, some of us joined forces with NYC for Abortion Rights at Bryant Park and then with a march to Time Square. We stood up and said, “NO” to the homophobic anti-abortion hate group Focus on the Family. They are here to generate extremist reactions to the Reproductive Health Act, and we are here  … Read more

In Somers!

On May 2nd, the Somers Town Board convened its work session. Some of us were there to  thank the Town Board for refusing to entertain a resolution opposing the Reproductive Health Act that Carmel and the Putnam County Legislature had passed in April. Thank you to the handmaids who came out, representing the chattel from  … Read more

New York is on Fire!

Anti-choice extremists are on a rampage.They are showing up in mobs at town hall meetings, county legislative sessions and in the streets – demanding the passage of a resolution to repeal the Reproductive Health Act. On February 5th & 19th, it was the Yorktown Town Board meeting.On March 6th, it was Carmel & the resolution PASSED.On April 2nd, it  … Read more