New York’s 2024 Primary Day is now in the rearview mirror. The big news of the night:  ProChoice Voter-endorsed George Latimer won the Democratic Primary, defeating the incumbent, in CD 16 which encompasses part of the north Bronx and the 12 cities, towns and villages in southern Westchester. Although there is a Republican anti-choice opponent running in  … Read more

92 Assembly District – Greenburgh, Mt Pleasant, Yonkers

NYS Assembly District 92 (Mount Pleasant, northern Yonkers, most of Greenburgh) Two candidates – Tom Abinanti and MaryJane Shimsky – are running for election to the Assembly. Abinanti is seeking to reclaim his seat, lost to Shimsky two years ago. Both candidates are rated 100% Pro-Choice by Choice Matters. Tom Abinanti has played a unique  … Read more

2 Pro-Choice, 1 Anti-Choice Democratic Primary DA Candidates!

There are three candidates running for the office of Westchester County District Attorney in the Democratic Primary. Choice Matters interviewed each of them in depth and reviewed their individual questionnaires. Choice Matters has rated two of the candidates — William Wagstaff and Susan Cacace — 100% PRO-CHOICE. Choice Matters has rated the third candidate, Adeel  … Read more

NYS ERA – On the 2024 NYS Ballot!

The New York Equal Rights Amendment will be on the ballot this November! After passing in the NYS legislature in 2022 and 2023, it will go to NY voters on November 5, 2024. This comes at a critical time in US history when state legislatures across the country are passing draconian abortion bans and attacking  … Read more

Abortion Rights – The BIG Winner!

Abortion Rights WON BIG on Tuesday, November 7th! Abortion was on the ballot across the country — from Ohio to Kentucky to Virginia to Westchester County — and voters were decisive and unequivocal They voted to protect abortion rights and the candidates who stand for comprehensive reproductive health care, by a clear margin. Ohio passed its proposition, putting abortion rights  … Read more

Judges Matter!

Only vote for the Pro-Choice/Endorsed candidates! Only vote for 2 Supreme Court candidates, Fran Connolly and Rolf Thorsen Let party leaders know You Are Watching and VOTING! The Democratic Party is letting pro-choice voters down. Just look at Brooklyn where their excuse for supporting an anti-choice woman for NYS Supreme Court is that they didn’t  … Read more


Check out the ProChoice Voting Guide: https://wclapac.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Voting-Guide-2023.pdf

Charles Wood – Is intimidation acceptable judicial conduct?

Charles Wood Is intimidation acceptable judicial conduct? Friends, On Thursday, April 27th, I received an email[1] from Charles Wood that was clearly intended to intimidate me into silence. Wood was disturbed by the email, “Charles Wood – Bad Judgement or Misplaced Loyalties?” sent by WCLA PAC to its email list. Notably, Wood did not argue with the narrative of WCLA PAC’s email which  … Read more


   Please Support Us in Our Fight for Abortion Rights. THE ONLY WAY TO WIN IS TO ELECT A PRO-CHOICE CONGRESS, STATE & JUDICIARY! A Judge’s Decisions on the Bench Speak VOLUMES. Listen to what their decisions are telling you. As we have just witnessed in Texas, the law is not dead. It is open to interpretation and manipulation. A judge’s decisions present  … Read more

Happening NOW in Westchester/the 9th Judicial District!

The WCLA PAC and Choice Matters Process All “Pro-Choice” candidates are not created equal 20 Candidates for 2 seats—and 2 Seeking Re-election Charles (Charley) Wood, his record, and why WCLA PAC refuses to endorse him This Is Unacceptable: A Survivor’s Right to Privacy We’re all outraged by what is happening in our highest federal and state courts. The US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. A  … Read more