Zeldin: Know Your Enemy

YOU NEED TO KNOW: LEE ZELDIN IS A RADICAL ANTI-CHOICE EXTREMIST. Zeldin is endorsed by Susan B Anthony Pro-Life [sic] America because of his perfect ANTI-CHOICE voting record in Congress. Below is his secret questionnaire for Life News which includes that if elected governor, Zeldin will support: >Defunding Planned Parenthood. >Requiring “Informed Consent for a  … Read more

Results of the June 28 Primary

On June 28th, the following candidates won their primaries. Governor of New York State: Kathy Hochul (D) Lt. Governor of New York: Antonio Delgado (D) Assembly District 95 Dana Levenberg (D) Assembly District 92     MaryJane Shimsky (D)

Evolving? When? Suozzi & Williams

We should all be able to agree that an elected official or candidate can “evolve”. They can decide that a position they held at an earlier time is no longer what they believe today. We can, in some instances, even applaud that transformation. But we should also be able to agree that an elected official or candidate cannot  … Read more

Hochul is the ONE!

WCLA PAC Endorses Kathy Hochul for NYS Governor! “WCLA PAC is proud to endorse Kathy Hochul for Governor of New York State. At a time when the US Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe v. Wade and states across the country are banning abortion, New York needs a champion – and that’s Kathy Hochul. She is proving herself  … Read more

Emergency Alert: NYS New Redistricting Maps Spell Disaster

NYS New Redistricting Maps Spell Disaster for Democrats Monday the new redistricting maps were released by the “Special Master” – otherwise called a Republican Tool. These new Republican-favoring seats can mean doom for Democrats unless pro-choice voters get busy. Volunteer for Choice Matters or Donate to WCLA PAC to get pro-choice candidates elected Governor, Senator  … Read more

Before you vote: Know the Truth about Anti-Choice Extremist Christine Sculti

The Company You Keep And what it says about a person…  In this age of misinformation, it is sometimes hard to discern fact from fiction but when a candidate provides you with a history of photographs and contribution receipts, believe it! The Republican candidate for Westchester County Executive, Christine Sculti, is a fanatic of the  … Read more

EXPOSING Un-Vaccinated Anti-Choice Candidate knocking on neighbors’ doors!

ALERT Westchester County Legislative District 15 (Yonkers – Bronxville) The CLD 15 Republican candidate ringing doorbells in your neighborhood & shaking hands at events is not vaccinated AND not wearing a mask. Apparently anti-choice anti-vaccination James Nolan only believes in My Body My Choice when it comes to the vaccine & HIS choice. Women’ reproductive healthcare be damned! People are opening their doors  … Read more

Voting Rights on the Ballot in New York!

2024 starts now with the 2021 Elections! Donald Trump held a rally in Iowa yesterday, effectively beginning his 2024 presidential run. And, he’s more popular there than ever: “Donald Trump’s favorability ratings are his highest in any Iowa Poll” —The Des Moines Register, 10/4/21 Just ask the white supremacist group the Proud Boys rallying here in Westchester.  … Read more

Tim Idoni – A Reproductive Healthcare Role Model!

~ TIM IDONI ENDORSED ~ For Westchester County Clerk Endorsed by WCLA PAC Rated A+++ by Choice Matters WCLA PAC is proud to endorse Tim Idoni for Westchester County Clerk. Tim is a proven advocate of comprehensive reproductive healthcare and has demonstrated his commitment to access, gender equality and diversity throughout his professional life. When serving as Mayor of New Rochelle, Tim made a decision  … Read more