EXPOSING Un-Vaccinated Anti-Choice Candidate knocking on neighbors’ doors!


Westchester County Legislative District 15
(Yonkers – Bronxville)

The CLD 15 Republican candidate ringing doorbells in your neighborhood & shaking hands at events is not vaccinated AND not wearing a mask.

Apparently anti-choice anti-vaccination James Nolan only believes in My Body My Choice when it comes to the vaccine & HIS choice. Women’ reproductive healthcare be damned!

People are opening their doors totally unaware. Other candidates are standing next to him at events. Nolan simply doesn’t care about anyone else’s healthcare needs.

Eric Schoen of the Yonkers Times said it so well: “How would you feel if in the middle of a pandemic, an unvaccinated candidate for public office knocked on your 80 year old parents door asking them to support him/her for office? The candidate did not tell them he was unvaccinated. Ringing the downstairs doorbell if it was an apartment building to get in, walking the halls, wringing doorbells and meeting your parents face to face.”

“While on the campaign trail, Nolan knocked on a door of a nurse in Yonkers, who asked if he was vaccinated. She then spoke out against the fact that he was campaigning, and knocking on doors without a vaccination.” Yonkers Times

One can’t help but wonder if the people at, for example, the Greystone Jewish Center/Chabad of Yonkers knew when Nolan appeared there unmasked that he is also unvaccinated.

Please share this!  Warn your neighbors, family and friends to be on alert!