Pro-Choice Endorsements in the 6 Contested County Legislator Races!

County Legislator Races
There are six contested races. Two of them are open seats, with no incumbent running for re-election. Four of the six are considered “must win” seats. In addition, staunchly pro-choice candidates Covill and Maher are running for re-election for the first time and, therefore, are more vulnerable.

Targeted Races
Kitley Covill (CLD 2) is one of the most able advocates for Choice. Covill, who is completing her first term as a County Legislator, has an impressive depth of knowledge derived from her broad range of professional experiences, including as Legal Advisor for the Domestic Violence Committee, representing women in Title IX proceedings, and as Inspector General for Yonkers. In contrast, her opponent is anti-choice and does not understand the complexity of issues facing Westchester’s women and families. Re-Elect Kitley Covill!

Catherine Borgia (CLD 9), first elected to the County Legislature in 2011, has served as an exemplary Chairperson of the Budget Committee for the past two years, carefully looking out for the best interests of the County’s residents. Borgia has proven herself to be a strong ally to women and families throughout her tenure as County Legislator. Her opponent is anti-choice and endorsed by the extremist group, Right to Life. WCLA PAC stands with Catherine Borgia!

Damon Maher (CLD 10) is an attorney, negotiator, volunteer, and, perhaps most importantly, an independent thinker. Maher is a strong voice for women and families and an ardent opponent of healthcare inequities. He is also a foster, adoptive and biological parent – and he is 100% pro-choice. In sharp contrast, his opponent is anti-choice and is dangerous for women and families! WCLA PAC proudly endorses Damon Maher!

Ruth Walter (CLD 15) is a former Bronxville Court Clerk and currently serves as a Bronxville Library Trustee. As a small business owner and a former investment analyst for a multinational firm, Walter understands first-hand the issues confronting residents of Westchester. Walter would add a pro-choice vote and voice to the County Legislature. Her opponent is staunchly anti-choice and endorsed by the extremist group, Right to Life. Vote for Ruth Walter!

Two Critical Open Seats
Colin Smith (CLD 1) is a Peekskill Town Councilman, former Peekskill School Board member and attorney, with an impressive commitment to the Westchester community. Smith is 100% pro-choice. In contrast, his opponent is anti-reproductive rights and has aligned himself with anti-choice extremists promoting the Trump agenda. Vote for Colin Smith!

Vedat Gashi (CLB 4), an attorney, is 100% in support of comprehensive reproductive healthcare. He knows how important it is to women of all ages and is committed to safe and private access. In sharp contrast, Gashi’s opponent, Michael Grace, is rabidly anti-choice, and galvanized zealots to demand the Yorktown Town Board pass a resolution opposing the RHA, challenging it on behalf of “Baby Doe”. Grace is determined to bring Trump’s anti-woman agenda back to Westchester County government.  This is a must-win seat! Vote Vedat Gashi for Choice!