You need to hear this

What You Need to Know:

1. Alabama didn’t just happen, and it wasn’t just because of “25 white men.” 
Those are soundbites.

The Governor of Alabama who signed this horrific bill into law is a woman, and there are women in the Alabama Assembly who voted for this – As there are in the other states who vote for these awful unconstitutional laws.

Alabama’s law outlaws¬†just about all abortion – a law that will send doctors who help women to jail for up to 99 years.¬†Missouri is in the process of passing a bill that outlaws abortion at 8 weeks and 6 other states have passed bills with the same intent, of making access to abortion impossible. Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio have also passed “heartbeat” bills which basically ban abortion after 6 weeks, when women do not even know that they are pregnant -AND many other bills are targeting birth control like EC (emergency contraception) and IUD’s.

They are competing to see which state will make it to the US Supreme Court first to overturn Roe.

2. A major reason this happened is, because under Obama and Clinton, the Democrats* gave up control of State governments. People – perhaps you – stopped watching, stopping thinking there was and is an opposite side, a powerful alternative universe. The anti’s took control – anti-abortion/contraception/women, anti-sensible gun legislation, anti-recognition of gay rights of any/all kinds, anti-science/climate change awareness, etc. The hen house was unminded. 

3. BUT Why NOT in New York? After all we had, until 2018, a Republican-controlled Senate. 

The answer is simple. Because – unbeknownst to most of you – New York has the most powerful reproductive rights organization in the country – Choice Matters and WCLA PAC – actually, the most powerful political action group anywhere- with a record to prove it!

We are the personification of grassroots organizing and we determine New York State politics.

The women who founded Choice Matters in 1972 and its PACs were unbelievably smart. They knew that the right to an abortion would never be a “decided” issue, and that the only way to fight back was to make sure we are “voter strong.” So they built an election machine!

Choice Matters spends – since the early 1980s – a minimum of 4 days a week adding to a database chock full of pro-choice voters who are committed to only voting for candidates who are 100% pro-choice by Choice Matters’ standards, not a re-worked definition repackaged by candidates.

That is key in winning in New York and Pennsylvania and other states. Who controls the votes? We Must!

4. What You Need to Do:  Support WCLA PAC and Choice Matters RIGHT NOW.

We are facing an all-out assault here in New York. Just like in 1972, when the anti’s failed to overturn NY’s abortion law and they formed the NY Right to Life Party, they are organizing.

Right now we have key elections in Westchester and towns and villages across New York State. 

These are the launching points for people later running to be County and State elected officials. In April, the County of Putnam passed a resolution opposing the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) as did Carmel. After a lot of support and encouragement from WCLA PAC and Choice Matters supporters, Somers and Yorktown refused to take up a state issue. BUT SOMERS AND YORKTOWN HAVE ELECTIONS THIS YEAR.

WCLA PAC and Choice Matters are out there fighting for our reproductive rights every day! Please make a donation and support the fight. We cannot do it without you.
*By far, not all Democrats are pro-choice. Many are violently anti-choice. In Westchester, a Democratic County legislator from Yonkers is anti-choice because of his “religion”. (What about your religion??) The same is true for legislators in Towns, Cities, Counties and States across the country. The party designation does NOT tell the story.
The most powerful action you can take today to protect New York and stop these zealots regardless of party affiliation is to contribute to WCLA PAC today.

Please call 914.946.5363 with any questions.