New York is on Fire!

Anti-choice extremists are on a rampage.
They are showing up in mobs at town hall meetings, county legislative sessions and in the streets – demanding the passage of a resolution to repeal the Reproductive Health Act.

On February 5th & 19th, it was the Yorktown Town Board meeting.
On March 6th, it was Carmel & the resolution PASSED.
On April 2nd, it was the Putnam County Board & again the resolution PASSED!
On April 4, with a vote possible on May 2nd, at the Somers Town Board meeting.

On May 4th, they will be in Time Square with the conversion-therapy, homophobic, anti-any & all reproductive rights Focus on the Family, with billboards of 3rd-trimester fetuses overhead. 

This is an all-out attack on the Reproductive Health Act.

And WCLA PAC & Choice Matters are there every step of the way – standing up for you & against them! We are speaking out & talking back, making sure that the truth (not fake facts) get out there.

This is all about the 2019 & 2020 elections.

These zealots are energizing their supporters. Their plan – & it’s a good one – is to get their supporters really revved up by dangling red meat. They are betting, just like Donald Trump is, that abortion-rights haters will turn out to vote in the 2019 Westchester County & town elections, and in 2020 to take back the New York State Senate.

The most powerful action you can take today to stop these zealots is to contribute to WCLA PAC today.

We need your financial support to get out the vote for our pro-choice candidates, to publish our Bright Yellow Voting Guide, & to continue to stand up & fight back against these reproductive rights haters.