Endorsement Policy

WCLA PAC & ProChoice Voter Endorsement Policy, 2016

WCLA PAC and ProChoice Voter make their endorsements based on the candidate ratings made by the Board of Directors of WCLA – Choice Matters. WCLA PAC’s and ProChoice Voter’s endorsements are determined case by case. To be considered for endorsement, candidates must complete and return the Organization’s questionnaire and participate in an interview if requested. All endorsements are made on a strictly non-partisan basis. The questionnaires, incumbents’ and opponents’ records, leadership, and helpfulness during the legislative session are all reviewed. Consistency between candidates’ actions, interviews and questionnaire responses is important. Each race is voted separately. Incumbents may be endorsed over pro-choice challengers if they have consistent voting records and have established a reputation for strong leadership and extra effort in advancing access to abortion and contraception. Non-incumbents may be endorsed if they have demonstrated leadership on the issue.

Endorsement is considered only for those who unequivocally support:

  • Access to abortion and contraception for all women, unimpeded by laws, restrictions, or regulations;
  • Strict confidentiality for all reproductive healthcare;
  • Coverage by public and private insurance of abortion and contraception.

Judicial candidates: To be eligible for endorsement, judicial candidates must participate in an interview if requested, and neither seek nor accept the Right to Life Party nomination.